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Police Misconduct and Brutality

Individuals who have been arrested by law enforcement still have the same rights as they did before the arrest. Unfortunately, the police choose to ignore those rights all too often. Police misconduct and abuse is a serious matter that significantly impacts the lives of the victims and their loved ones.

Police misconduct and brutality in Los Angeles can and is criminally prosecuted. However, this may not always be enough or even possible. In many situations, the victims may be able to hold the rogue police officers accountable by filing a police misconduct lawsuit as well.

At the Carrillo Law Firm, LLP, our police abuse lawyers provide legal assistance to victims abused at the hands of law enforcement. We are aggressive in obtaining our clients the justice that they deserve while also ensuring that they will be protected from future abuse as they go through the litigation process.

Common Types of Police Misconduct

Some common types of police misconduct that could be appropriate for a lawsuit include:

  • Unnecessary use of force
  • Failure to read your Miranda rights
  • False imprisonment
  • Planting evidence
  • Illegal searches
  • Seizure of property not related to any crime

At the Carrillo Law Firm, LLP, we work hard to hold the guilty parties accountable for their actions. We will work to help you obtain compensation for police misconduct or brutality, loss of your property, and any time you spent in jail or prison for crimes you never committed.

Important Steps To Take After Being Victimized

Policy brutality can be difficult and complex, and often present various challenges to victims and their attorneys. Many victims are injured and then sent straight to jail, adding another layer to their trauma.

If you are free after experiencing police misconduct or brutality, our legal team recommends that you:

  • Document everything, especially the extent of the injuries that you suffered, by taking as many pictures as possible.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Obtain the contact information for any witnesses to the scene of the incident.
  • Immediately consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who specifically handles these types of cases.

The physical, emotional and mental consequences of policy misconduct and brutality can be staggering. We place trust in the police, and a betrayal of that trust should not go unpunished. The legal team at the Carrillo Law Firm, LLP will not allow that. We will listen to your story and advise you on how best to proceed with your specific case.

Do I Have a Police Misconduct Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of police misconduct or brutality, you need to seek the assistance of an experienced and aggressive attorney.

At the Carrillo Law Firm, LLP, our police misconduct lawyers can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Our experienced attorneys will handle your case with the gentle hands these delicate situations demand. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, please call us at 626-799-9375.



Michael works on high-profile cases that have garnered national media attention. His practice today focuses on child sexual abuse cases, police misconduct cases, catastrophic injuries and other wrongful death matters. He is a passionate advocate for his clients including the countless child sexual abuse victims he currently represents.