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LAUSD: Yet Another Sexual Assault Scandal

In what has become a disturbing trend, the Los Angeles Unified School District has once again been named in yet another sexual assault case involving one of its students. In this case, the incident occurred in a school bathroom in 2012 and involved a then 12 year-old girl who was raped by an unknown male assailant. However, despite the girl providing police with details that only a victim would know, the school district has set out on a campaign to discredit the victim’s testimony.

Investigation Request

However, we here at the Carrillo Law Firm are determined to not let this happen. Rather than let the LAUSD continue to have sexual assault victims suffer in silence, we will fight for our client’s right to be heard and to have justice served in their favor. Due to the negligence and smear campaign on the part of the LAUSD, we have asked the California Attorney General’s Office to begin an investigation into the policies used by the LAUSD that are designed to harm child sexual abuse victims.

Smear Campaign

To help the LAUSD prove their case against our client, they have employed the services of a local psychiatrist to examine the victim and report his findings. Based on his interviews with our client, it’s clear the school district is attempting to use a smear campaign to paint the victim as nothing more than a child making wild accusations in order to gain attention. According to the school district’s psychiatrist, the child has been coached by her mother, had numerous inconsistencies in her story, and has simply chosen to tell one lie after another to gain attention. However, according to financial records from the school district, the psychiatrist and the defense firm have been paid well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services, suggesting the LAUSD is hoping to buy the answers they need to conduct a successful smear campaign.

A Family Traumatized

When situations like these arise, it’s clear the family needs expert guidance and support along the way. Here at the Carrillo Law Firm, that’s exactly what we aim to provide. In this instance, the girl and her family have had to relocate to another school district in the hopes of picking up the pieces of a life shattered by the despicable actions of an assailant as well as the LAUSD. However, with our many years of experience handling child sexual abuse cases as well as sexual abuse and assault cases that occur in schools, the Carrillo Law Firm is always willing to stand up for the rights of those whose innocence has been taken from them.

LAUSD Response

As is expected in cases such as these, the school district itself takes little if any responsibility for what occurred on their watch. In this case, the LAUSD stands by its assertion that the student was treated with the utmost respect and that her situation was handled by professionals who were highly-trained specialists in their fields. Yet as has been shown time and time again, the school district appears to be concerned solely with saving its reputation at any expense. Whether it was assertions the police were biased in favor of the child to alleging the child’s mother read about symptoms of PTSD and then coached her child to show symptoms of the disorder, the LAUSD has chosen to put the well-being of the child second to its desire to maintain what it believes to be an excellent reputation. However, we here at the Carrillo Law Firm have seen this time after time from the school district, and once again are prepared to fight for the rights of our clients.

No More Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, the victim and her family in this case have had their peace of mind shattered to the point where it may never be restored. Unable to trust others and shocked at the response of the school system, our client is entitled to seek the justice that is long overdue. Rather than continue to let the LAUSD promote and encourage attacks against victims of sexual assault, the Carrillo Law Firm will use all resources available to us in an effort to right a wrong. Working with expert witnesses, examining medical records, and calling into question past actions of the LAUSD in dealing with similar situations, we will work to ensure no other families are forced to undergo the pain and suffering that has been so evident in this case.

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