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MacArthur Park “May Day Melee”

MacArthur Park “May Day Melee” – 2007 Incident – $12,600,000.00**

On May 1, 2007, peaceful protesters had assembled at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, CA to protest immigration policies of the government. Officers from the LAPD’s elite Metro Division used batons and fired rubber bullets to disperse what was a peaceful gathering of protestors. Officers later claimed that some participants had thrown items at the officers but that did not justify the use of rubber bullets and batons on all of the peaceful protesters including women and children.

There were more than 300 claims brought against the City of Los Angeles and the Carrillo Law Firm represented many people and their families who had gathered to protest. Mr. Luis Carrillo also represented many members of the media who had gathered to capture the protest.

In addition to being a part of the legal team that secured a $12.6 million settlement, as part of the settlement, the LAPD had to change its policies when dealing with protesters including when it can break up a gathering and when they are permitted to use force on crowds.

Mr. Carrillo was proud to represent the families against the City of Los Angeles. Mr. Carrillo has had a long history of litigating cases against the Los Angeles Police Department. It was his extensive experience that allowed him to represent countless people who had been shot by a rubber bullet or hit with a baton during this melee that was started by the LAPD officers and superiors.

This case was one of many that Mr. Carrillo is currently litigating against the City of Los Angeles for various excessive use of force by LAPD officers.



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