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Navarette v. Riverside County

Navarette v. Riverside County – 2009 Incident – $8,000,000.00

The Carrillo Law Firm represented a widow and her three minor children against the County of Riverside and a driver of a vehicle who caused the death of Esteban Rubio Soto. On November 26, 2009, while their father was putting his children into their car seats, a motorist lost control of his vehicle after he went over a dip in the road while attempting to race down the street. After the driver lost control, he struck Esteban which caused him to sever both of Esteban’s legs and caused his brain matter to be throw onto the street right in front of his wife and kids killing him instantly. The driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and was convicted in a jury trial for his crime.

The case against the County of Riverside was based on the dangerous condition of the roadway. There had been 22 accidents in an 11-year time frame prior to the night of the incident. At no time did Riverside County attempt to correct the dangerous condition which was ignored by County officials.

Mr. Luis Carrillo and the Carrillo Law Firm were proud to obtain the result here for the widow and her minor children who suffered tremendously as a result of the County’s failure to address the dangerous road condition and because of the negligent actions of the driver involved.



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