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Attorneys Luis Carrillo, Michael Carrillo and Xena Mashburn secure a $5 million verdict against El Monte Union High School District 

In this case, the Carrillo Law Firm represented a minor girl who had been sexually abused by her high school science teacher. Mr. Daniels, the science teacher, was caught fondling students at Mountain View High School (within the El Monte Union High School District) in 2004. The assistant principal at the time, Angelita Gonzales-Hernandez knew about these allegations. Mr. Daniels was arrested and charged with lewd acts with minors. Mr. Daniels was eventually convicted of battery and was transferred to Arroyo High School (within the same district). Ms. Gonzales-Hernandez had become the principal at Arroyo High School and yet didn’t apply any additional supervision to Mr. Daniels. It was there at Arroyo High School that Mr. Daniels continued his sexual deviance when he met Jane Doe. Mr. Daniels started to sexually abuse Jane Doe during her freshman year of high school when he would keep her after class and would commit lewd acts upon her. Then, during her junior year of high school, he continued the abuse which continued into the summer of 2015. Mr. Daniels was later arrested in the fall of her senior year and was convicted, and sentenced to 3 years in state prison for lewd acts with Jane Doe. Ms. Gonzales-Hernandez remains as the Principal at Arroyo High School.

After a 2.5-week trial on the case, the verdict returned a $5 million verdict. Although no amount of money will bring innocence back to a sexually abused child, the young girl was able to receive some form of justice for the enablers of Mr. Daniels.

This case was one of many against the El Monte Union High School District. Currently, the Carrillo Law Firm is litigating another similar case against the same district for the sexual abuse committed by coach Dan Rios, who was also convicted of inappropriate and lewd behavior with minors.

News coverage of the verdict:$2m-after-el-monte-district-found-negligent-over-sex-offender-teacher/5178398/



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