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$8.5 Million – Perez v. City of Pasadena

This case was a very tragic case in which the Carrillo Law Firm represented a young woman who suffered severe brain injury when she attempted suicide inside the Pasadena city jail. On February 22, 2015, Margarita Perez was housed by herself in a single dorm area. As can be seen on video footage from that day, she took significant time to prepare her bed sheets to try to hang herself. This was clearly a call for help. After preparing her bed sheets (all caught on camera) she slowly lowered herself into the hanging position and hung for 26 minutes until someone finally intervened and to cut her loose.

The loss of oxygen to her brain caused her permanent and severe traumatic brain injury as well as significant nerve damage which affected her joints and functionality. Mr. Perez was in a coma for significant time but now lives with her mother and children in Los Angeles. Ms. Perez is permanently blind, bedridden, and requires 24-hour care by her mother. The City of Pasadena settled the case sometime after the lawsuit was filed and the settlement will allow her to always make sure she has all of her needs taken care of after this tragic incident.



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