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The Carrillo Law Firm Representing Seeley Man Seriously Injured in Crash with Sheriff’s Deputy

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On June 26, 2021, Imperial County sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Redondo was responding to a call for service when he drove his marked late-model sport-utility vehicle through a stop sign, colliding into a work truck carrying a crew from CMC Harvesting, Inc. of El Centro. As the truck rolled into a field near the intersection of Aten and Forrester roads, some of the six occupants, including Andres Orozco, 27, were ejected and pinned beneath the rolling vehicle. A second CMC crew that was following behind the truck as they returned from a job site, rushed to the aid of their coworkers, using shovels to dig out the men who were trapped.

Orozco and one more passenger were airlifted to Desert Regional in Palm Springs, CA. The other four passengers were taken to other hospitals nearby. Redondo passed due to his injuries and was buried on July 10th in El Centro.

Orozco’s traumatic brain injury appears to be the worst of the victims because the circumstances around his ejection from the truck were the worst. He has since been transferred from the intensive-care unit where he was kept on an endotracheal breathing tube and is currently waiting for a bed to come open at a rehab facility.

Michael S. Carrillo, of Carrillo Law Firm of South Pasadena, is representing Andres Orozco and Manuel Orozco, the 33 year-old crew foreman and Andres’ older brother who was driving of the CMC Harvesting, Inc. truck. According to Carrillo’s interviews with the passengers of a car two vehicles back from the collisions, the Sheriff’s Office unit did not have any sirens or light bars flashing when the wreck happened. This is important because there are immunities for lawsuits when there are lights and sirens on.

The MAIT crash is still under investigation.

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