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City of Lompoc Settles Lawsuit In Officer-Involved Deadly Shooting Case

The City of Lompoc paid an undisclosed amount of money to the family of Michael Giles to settle a lawsuit in a deadly shooting involving the Lompoc Police Department in November 2016.  Although the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office ruled the deadly shooting as a justifiable homicide, it will never be justified for Giles’ family.

Giles’ family hired attorney Michael Carrillo to help seek justice in this tragic shooting. The City agreed to settle the lawsuit against the police department by agreeing to pay Guiles’ family an undisclosed amount of money. Carrillo noted that this settlement is clear evidence the police department needs to change.

Carrillo reflected that Michael was someone’s son, someone’s uncle and a brother to his family. The settlement brings some closure to the Giles’ family, but it remains a personal tragedy that will never fully go away.

Wrongful Death Cases for Police Shootings

Officer involved shootings are a tragic consequence of excessive police force in the United States. Nothing can be done to bring back the victims, but filing a wrongful death claim can bring a sense of justice and financial relief for the loved ones left behind.

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