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An Ex-LAUSD Teacher Gets 5 Years for the Inappropriate Touching of Canoga Park Students

A former fourth-grade teacher at Hart Street Elementary School in Canoga Park is currently serving a five-year prison sentence for inappropriately touching six students. Rene Tenas, 39, inappropriately touched the 9 and 10 year-old students on or between August 1, 2016, and January 31, 2017.

Tenas was first arrested in December 2017 and initially charged with one felony count of lewd conduct upon a child and six misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. Had he been convicted on all of those counts, he would have faced up to 14 years in prison.

Tenas was taken back into custody on October 2, 2018 after pleading no contest to two felony counts of committing a lewd act upon a child. Tenas must register as a sex offender.

Tenas may be serving his prison sentence, but the civil case against Los Angeles Unified School District is still ongoing.

Justice for Victims of Rene Tenas

Placing your child in the care of a school carries with it a burden of care and responsibility. If you suspect that your child was sexually abused or molested by Rene Tenas while at a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school, you should take immediate action. You have a right to seek compensation.

Most victims and their loved ones may mistakenly believe that the criminal process will achieve justice in child sexual assault or abuse cases. On the contrary, criminal proceedings only punish the perpetrator of abuse. It has no bearing on schools or the organizations that knew or should have known they had hired a dangerous employee, but yet failed to properly prevent the employee from harming the children under their care.

carrilofirmThe legal team at The Carrillo Law Firm has handled many child sexual abuse and assault cases, especially against negligent school districts like the LAUSD. The firm has already filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of five of Tenas’ victims against the school and the Los Angeles Unified School District seeking justice for what happened to them.

Call an Experienced Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

If you or a young loved one has been the victim of child abuse at school, you should know that the attack was not your fault. If you know someone who has been a victim of abuse, we can help.

At The Carrillo Law Firm, our school child sexual abuse lawyers can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Our experienced attorneys will handle your case with the gentle hands these delicate situations demand. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our aggressive attorneys, please call us at 626-799-9375.



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