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A Former UCLA Student Joins 48 Patients From USC, Alleging Campus Doctor Sexually Abused Him

Former graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, Quentin Lee, alleges that Dennis Kelly – the doctor accused of sexual abuse by 48 patients at the University of Southern California – gave him two invasive and inappropriate rectal exams in the 1990’s. This is the first public allegation of sexual misconduct against Kelly during his years working in the campus health center at UCLA.

Kelly joined ULCA in 1980 and left in 2002 after signing a confidential settlement which barred him from working at any other University of California campus. UCLA officials stated that the settlement was unrelated to allegations of sexual misconduct. UCLA is reviewing Lee’s allegations.

Details About the Allegations and Lawsuits Against Kelly

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Lee claims that he was about 23 years old at the time of his first visit with Kelly at the UCLA student health center for a cold. Lee further claims that Kelly insisted on giving him a rectal examination, which made him feel uncomfortable. The second visit at the UCLA health center was just as uncomfortable for Lee because Kelly insisted on giving him another rectal exam. Part of Lee’s allegations echoes those of the 48 patients from USC.

The lawsuits against Kelly charge him of sexual battery, gender violence, and sexual harassment. Some of the plaintiffs allege that Kelly gave them inappropriate rectal exams. Some of the plaintiffs also allege that Kelly gave them prolonged genital exams that made them feel anything from “distressed” to “violated.” In their lawsuits, the men accuse USC of not doing enough to protect them, both through negligence and by concealing claims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Legal Help for Sexually Abused Victims

Sexual abuse happens when a perpetrator forces a victim to engage in sexual activity against their will, taking advantage of the victim’s vulnerability to fulfill the perpetrator’s desires. The victims and perpetrator generally know one another, such as in a doctor-patient situation. A school institution trusts its employees with the safety of students. In some situations, the institution hushes away inappropriate incidents and complaints concerning their staff members. This typically results in the abuser continuing his or her acts as long as no one stops them.

Sexual abuse in any form is illegal and unacceptable. If you or a loved has been sexually abused or harassed, you deserve justice. You need to hire an aggressive yet compassionate Los Angeles sexual abuse attorney to get you the justice and full compensation that you deserve.

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