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Massage Envy Hit with Sexual Assault Lawsuits

massage parlor sex abuse attorneyMassage Envy, one of the largest massage chains nationwide, with more than 20,000 therapists and 1,200 locations, has been and is being sued by women for failing to take necessary measures when a massage therapist sexually harasses or assaults a client. More specifically, the lawsuits seek to stop a nation-wide epidemic of sexual assaults occurring at Massage Envy locations by their massage therapists.

In addition to a number of poor policies, the company has hidden clauses in customer agreements that force women to give up their rights. Many former employees have come forward to report that they were trained to take any steps possible not to encourage the police to show up at their locations.

Massage Envy does not even require reporting of suspected assaults to the Massage Therapy Board and a number of cases against Massage Envy involve prior complaints of sexual assault by customers being made to management and them failing to take any steps to address the complaints. This, in turn, allowed perpetrators to continue preying on vulnerable clients.

Time and time again, these sexual assault allegations have been dismissed by Massage Envy employees and owners. Therapists who have been accused of assault are often allowed to remain at work, without official or informal sanction.

We Can Help You Fight for Justice!

The Carrillo Law Firm is a personal injury law firm representing individuals seriously injured due to the negligence of others. The legal team has a long history of fighting for victims of crime, especially survivors of physical and sexual abuse, through lawsuits in the civil justice system. Our trial lawyers are dedicated to getting anyone who has been victimized by Massage Envy therapists the justice they deserve.

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If you have been victimized yourself, know anyone who has been a victim, or have more information about Massage Envy, we encourage you to call the Los Angeles sexual abuse attorneys at The Carrillo Law Firm at 626-799-9375. Although no amount of money will undo the harm caused, it can bring a sense of justice and closure for victims.



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