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$1,900,000 – John RC Doe v. LAUSD (Vista Middle School Case)

John Doe in this case was the victim of sexual abuse by an administrator within the Los Angeles Unified School District at Vista Middle School in Pacoima. The assistant principal had taken in John Doe and befriended him while John Doe was in middle school within the LAUSD.

After “grooming” John Doe, this administrator used his position of trust to invite John Doe over to his house. It was on one of these occasions when John Doe was at his house that this LAUSD administrator forced sex with the child and took photographs of the minor while he was naked. Using these photos, this administrator blackmailed John Doe for years and forced him into a continual sexual relationship with him. It wasn’t until this serial abuser said that John Doe was “too old” for him did the sexual misconduct stopped.

The other LAUSD administrators on campus at Vista knew about this close relationship between John Doe and this administrator because he would invite John Doe into his office and would allow him to spend the entire day there. No one did anything to intervene and ask questions or try to stop this conduct.

The Carrillo Law Firm was able to secure another large settlement on behalf of the young man against the LAUSD just prior to going to trial on this matter.



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