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California Prison Sexual Abuse Lawyer

New Law Provides Relief For Victims of Prison Sexual Abuse California Assembly Bill 1455 Extends Statute of Limitations for Victims of Sexual Abuse LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – The passage of California Assembly Bill 1455 has extended the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse by law enforcement. This has led to a surge of new […]

Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Representing Victims of Clergy Abuse and their Families When you are looking for support and guidance, it is common for most of us to turn to our pastors, clergy or other individuals of worship. However, what happens when the support we need is for the harm or injuries caused by these very same people we […]

Child Sexual Abuse In Youth

Child Sexual Abuse In Youth Organizations Youth organizations are intended to be safe places where children can learn, make friends, and grow. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. Abuse can happen anywhere, including in youth organizations. Predators are often drawn towards places where children gather. The child sexual predators tragically take these safe […]

California Campus Sexual Assault Lawyers

A growing number of women are reporting sexual abuse and assault at our nation’s college and university campuses. Campus sexual assault has long been a hidden problem as a result of a culture that shamed and silenced woman into believing that their sexual assaults on campus were not important enough to prosecute. Thankfully, the reality […]

Los Angeles Lyft & Uber Sexual Assault Lawyers

Calling an Uber or Lyft has become one of the most popular ways to get around Los Angeles. For many victims, however, using a rideshare app to hail a ride ends in tragedy. Uber alone reported receiving 5,981 allegations of serious sexual assault in the U.S. over two years, according to a new report covering […]

California Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyers

Lyft was founded in 2012 and marketed itself as an affordable, more friendly alternative to Uber. It has continued to gain ground in the ridesharing market, especially as Uber was plagued by numerous scandals. Truthfully, though, Lyft has had many of the same safety concerns as Uber. According to Lyft’s own safety report, there have […]