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$2,500,000 – Nava v. City of Los Angeles

On March 5, 2015, LAPD officers attempted to stop Sergio Navas, who was speeding. After a short pursuit into Burbank, After Mr. Navas came to a halt on a dead-end street, an LAPD officer pulled alongside Mr. Navas on the driver side and the passenger opened up fire on Mr. Navas, who had gotten out of his vehicle. Mr. Navas was unarmed and never was a threat to the LAPD officer involved.

The Los Angeles Police Commission later ruled that the LAPD officer involved violated LAPD policy in shooting the unarmed man.

The Carrillo Law Firm represented the parents and children of Mr. Navas in the federal civil rights case that was filed. The firm alleged in the federal lawsuit that the officer violated Mr. Navas’ due process rights and that the shooting was completely unjustified. Sometime after the filing of the lawsuit against the LAPD, the case was settled. As Mr. Luis Carrillo said to the media at the time:

”It’s some measure of justice,” he said. “Hopefully this will lead to improved training of LAPD officers so that these tragedies will not continue to be repeated.”

The tragic shooting by Los Angeles Police Department officers is one of many that the firm has against the LAPD.



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