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$2,100,000 – Jane R.M. Doe v. LAUSD (Telfair case)

Jane Doe was the victim of sexual abuse by Paul Chapel, a teacher within the Los Angeles Unified School District at Telfair Elementary School in Pacoima. Chapel was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for molesting countless students at Telfair Elementary School.

Chapel had been hired by the LAUSD in 1988, just a few months after he was asked to leave his teaching job at Chaminade High School after he had made inappropriate sexual comments to two girls in class. Then in 1998, he was charged with molesting an 8-year old family friend during a sleepover at his home. That criminal case ended in a hung jury and instead of firing him, Chapel was transferred by the LAUSD to Telfair Elementary School after the verdict.

Jane Doe was the victim of Chapel while in her third grade class at Telfair during 2011-2012. Chapel would force her to sit on his lap and make her touch his chest and would also kiss her on the heck, chest and stomach. The Carrillo Law Firm was able to secure a sizeable settlement on behalf of Jane Doe against the LAUSD. This is one of many that the Carrillo Law Firm has been able to secure against the LAUSD for the sexual abuse of minors at their schools.



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