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$2,000,000- Morillon v. County of Los Angeles

In December 2013, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy was speeding in Palmdale when he tragically struck a vehicle instantly killing Robert Delgadillo and Sara Paynter. The Carrillo Law Firm represented the family of Robert Delgadillo who was 31 years old at the time of his death. The deputy, who was not responding to an emergency call and did not have his lights or siren on at the time of the wreck, had been traveling at about 83 mph just before the incident. Sadly when the vehicle was struck, both Mr. Delgadillo and Ms. Paynter were ejected from the back of the SUV and died upon impact.

The couple had recently decided to get married and were on their way to tell their parents about the engagement. Investigators from the California Highway Patrol determined that the deputy’s speed was the primary cause of the crash. The District Attorney’s office considered filing misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges but because they did not receive the CHP report until 2015, they claimed they could never file those charges.

The Carrillo Law Firm alleged in the case that the sheriff’s deputy was negligent in the way he was speeding without his lights and siren. The case was heard in the Antelope Valley Courthouse and was heavily fought in litigation for several years until on the eve of trial, the case was settled.



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