Recognizing The Signs of Sexual Abuse In Children v. Adult

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Sexual abuse is a devastating experience, regardless of how old the victim is. Unfortunately, the majority of sexual abuse cases go unreported. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately only 30% of sexual assault and abuse cases are reported to authorities. The reason is that most victims are ashamed to discuss what happened to […]

The Role of Schools In Child Sexual Abuse

School systems have been in the media way too often in recent years for lawsuits filed against them for the sexual harming of students by their teachers and other school staff members. Reports of sexual abuse occurring at schools in California and the rest of the nation are increasing at an alarming rate. Schools are […]

Dance Studio Instructor Mark Chavarria Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

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Mark Anthony Chavarria, Anaheim Dance Studio Instructor, Charged With 18 Counts of Alleged Sexual Assault of Young Girls ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA (May 5, 2023) –  An Anaheim dance instructor identified as Mark Chavarria has been charged with 18 counts of sexual assault involving 6 young girls.  Orange County prosecutors are saying that Mark Chavarria was arrested […]

Edgardo Díaz, Founder and Manager of Menudo, Under Investigation For Sexual Assault


Menudo Founder and Manager Edgardo Díaz Under Investigation For Sexual Assault Against Ex-Member LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (May 3, 2023) – Edgardo Díaz, the founder and manager of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, is being investigated by the LAPD over allegations of sexual assault.  The Los Angeles Police Department has said that the accusation is […]

L.A. County Facing $3 Billion In Settlements For Sexual Abuse Claims

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California Legislature Prepared To Pass New Law As Los Angeles County Faces $3 Billion Payout For Sexual Abuse Victims LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (May 2, 2023) – Los Angeles County is facing up to $3 billion in sexual assault claims after decades of failure protecting children from sexual abuse, according to the LA Times. The payouts […]

LAUSD On Edge After School Stabbings, Overdoses and Crashes

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Parents Concerned After Numerous Stabbings, Suspected Fentanyl Overdoses and Crashes In Los Angeles County LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (May 3, 2023) – Parents and LAUSD officials are on edge after a string of stabbings, suspected Fentanyl overdoses and car crashes, according to the Los Angeles Times.  A 17-year-old has been arrested in connection to two […]