Lyft Sued By 20 More Women Alleging Rape and Sexual Assault

lyft sexual assualt

The number of women alleging Lyft has failed to take sufficient measures to stop sexual assault by its drivers is growing. Twenty more women joined together in a lawsuit, alleging they were assaulted, kidnapped and raped while using Lyft’s ride-hailing service. That means at least 55 women have either filed or joined lawsuits against Lyft […]

Uber Discloses 3,000 Reports of Sexual Assault on U.S. Rides

uber sexual assault

Uber recently disclosed, as part of its long-awaited study, that 3,000 sexual assaults were reported in its U.S. rides last year. This study was published on Thursday, December 5th amid widespread and ongoing criticism of its safety practices and pressure to increase its transparency about the issue. It is the first time Uber has revealed […]