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Luis Carrillo is an attorney with years of experience who has handled many types of cases. He has been seen on many media outlets giving commentary on cases and about his own cases. See some of it below:

Abused Children Litigation
Excessive Use Of Force/Police Brutality
Violation of Civil Rights
Civil Litigation

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39+ Years Experience Fighting for Los Angelenos

We have been representing victims of civil abuse in LA for nearly 4 decades.

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City of Lompoc Settles Lawsuit In Officer-Involved Deadly Shooting Case

The City of Lompoc paid an undisclosed amount of money to the family of Michael Giles to settle a lawsuit in a deadly shooting involving the Lompoc Po...

Arroyo High School Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Contact With Students

An Arroyo School teacher was arrested in April 2017 for allegedly having inappropriate contact with several students. Daniel Rios, 51, was arrested on...

Arminta Street Elementary School (LAUSD) Subject To Possible Lawsuits After Teacher Is Convicted On Molestation Charges

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is facing yet another sexual abuse lawsuit. The latest civil lawsuit is filed against the school system on...

LAUSD: Yet Another Sexual Assault Scandal

In what has become a disturbing trend, the Los Angeles Unified School District has once again been named in yet another sexual assault case involving ...